The Job Choice Election

We have a very interesting election approaching several month from now when we will choose our next President.  We now know who the likely candidates will be  – President Obama and Mitt Romney.   Without trying to insert my own opinions, I see this as a very clear cut but highly divided decision on what is the best way to create jobs in this country.  President Obama and the Democrats say the answer is to empower the middle class and support small business creation.  Governor Romney and the Republicans believe that empowering larger corporations is the way to create jobs and those corporations will then support their employees.  Those are two very different approaches to the same problem – so who is correct?  With no middle ground as an option, NightOwlStaffing would like to hear your opinion.  Please take a moment to vote in the latest poll that will be posted on the side bar.  Whatever the eventual result of the election – we hope will help you find the perfect after hours career!

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