The Job Choice Election

We have a very interesting election approaching several month from now when we will choose our next President.  We now know who the likely candidates will be  – President Obama and Mitt Romney.   Without trying to insert my own opinions, I see this as a very clear cut but highly divided decision on what is the best way to create jobs in this country.  President Obama and the Democrats say the answer is to empower the middle class and support small business creation.  Governor Romney and the Republicans believe that empowering larger corporations is the way to create jobs and those corporations will then support their employees.  Those are two very different approaches to the same problem – so who is correct?  With no middle ground as an option, NightOwlStaffing would like to hear your opinion.  Please take a moment to vote in the latest poll that will be posted on the side bar.  Whatever the eventual result of the election – we hope will help you find the perfect after hours career!

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MSN and Forbes Like 2nd Shift

Here is an article I ran across on MSN illustrating some of the benefits of working 2nd shift.

Also included is a article on jobs that typically pay better at night.

There are many other benefits to working 2nd and 3rd shift discussed previously in this blog. is your source for night shift employment!

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Holiday Wishes  wishes everyone a Happy Holiday Season!

All the best in 2011 – including the best new job!

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Welcome to the Blog!  This blog will keep you updated on what’s going on in the job market – after 5pm.  You might be asking yourself with all the job sites out there right now – why  The following recent PR article explains how the idea of an after-hours job site came to be and how it can work for you.

The following is reprinted:

A new job site has hit the web – and it’s not your ordinary monster.  This one is for the night owls!  Dennis Becker of Fort Lauderdale has just launched a niche job website at  The idea was conceived after Mr. Becker decided to leave his 2nd shift job of 13 years in a very difficult economy to pursue his dream of a cross country bicycle ride from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Seattle Washington. “I’ve never been a morning person” recalls Dennis “and I feared it might be difficult to secure another 2nd shift job in the IT profession.  The problem is that most job sites cater to the 9 – 5 work schedule and so a person interested in working after hours uses their key search terms to find their desired shift and not their desired job.  That can limit productive search results”.

Dennis imagined a site where jobs were listed specifically for evening and nighttime shifts – virtually eliminating that part of the search.  Now you can focus on the type of job you want which results in a much more productive search. is exactly that site – and it is totally free for both employers and job seekers.

Commerce doesn’t stop at 5pm and there are a lot of job opportunities available in many fields including Manufacturing, Airports, Hospitals, Call Centers, Service Industry Security, IT and many more.  Working non-standard shifts has many benefits as explained by Mr. Becker.  “I call it – not living with the masses.  I go to the grocery store, gym, bank, etc. when everyone else isn’t.  Plus, most companies will pay more for people willing to work after hour schedules.”

Dennis was lucky and did find another 2nd shift job in the IT field.  Now he hopes will help other people secure their after hours jobs as well.  Businesses are encouraged to post their later shift jobs on  (including logos and links).  Job seekers should post their resumes now to get a head start.  Signing up is easy, fast and best of all – totally free.

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