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America Gets Back To Work

Last night President Obama outlined his plan to get America back to work with various infrastructure projects, tax breaks for businesses that hire and other incentives to get businesses back to hiring.  That’s great news for those of us looking for a job or a career change!  I think it is important that the President not only wants to get people working again, but also ensuring those who are working are getting a fair wage.  The economy won’t improve until we all have money in our pockets that we can spend on things other than reducing our debt or buying necessities.  We can only hope that the jobs bill is approved and implemented quickly because as the President indicated – we don’t have 14 months to wait for things to improve.

NightOwlStaffing is standing by to match workers of all shifts with employers who need those workers.  We encourage businesses of all types to post their free job ads on  Your membership is totally free and so are your job postings – including links, logos and media.

Totally Free??

We’ve all been told there is no free lunch.  Everything costs something or it could be a trick.  I’m here to change all that. really is totally free for both job seekers and employers!  Most job sites are free for job seekers but it’s the employers that pay the price to post their job openings or use graphic, logos or links.  Not so with the NightOwl!  Employers can post complete job listings with their company logos, links to their websites – even Multimedia – all totally free.

There are a few banner ads posted throughout the NightOwlStaffing website and of course we hope you find something that interests you.  But we don’t expect to make a fortune with banner ads either and no-one is required to click on them.  They will, however, help keep the site free so if you find something you are interest in feel free to support the site by clicking the link and shopping the products.  We will do our best to provide relevant links to reputable companies so you can shop with confidence.

Meanwhile the site really is totally free!  We encourage employers everywhere who may be posting job ads on other job sites -to post on as well.  It can only help draw interested job candidates to your company and can also provide additional advertising for your organization – for free!

We also encourage both job seekers and employers to leave comments or suggestions on how to improve  We value your input.

Totally Free.  Who knew?