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Who works the night shift? 


It is a good question and the answer is lots of people do!  On any given night look towards your city skyline and notice all the lights from the cars, buildings, boats, and airplanes.  Those lights are either from people who are working the night shift or people who are being entertained, fed, healed, protected or educated by those who work the night shift.  That is a lot of folks working after hours! Another question we might ask is why do people work the night shift.  There are a few good answers to this question.  Some folks are doing it as a second job - to help meet their ever increasing bills.  Some do it because they go to school in the daytime and the evening or night shift is the only time they can work.  Still others work the night shift because they are not morning people and find it difficult to get up at 6am and stay alert all day.  Others, like me, may suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) where lack of sunlight may cause depression - especially in the winter. I spent many winters depressed and unhappy until I moved to a warm climate and started working at night.  Now I spend my daytime hours outside riding my bicycle, kayaking, or doing yard work.  I work when I would normally be vegging on the couch for 4 - 6 hours watching TV.  I have not been depressed since and I have also never been in better shape!  SAD will not get ahold of me now because my days are all the same.  I wake up when it is light (9:30 - 10am),  I go to work when it it light (3:30pm) and I come home when it is dark (midnight).  It is the same every day - all year long.  The only time I notice the time change or shorter days is on weekends.  That really works great for me. hopes to educate employers that their night shift jobs are not unusual and there are many employees willing and able to work those jobs.  We provide a specific centralized place where all your after hours jobs can be posted and viewed for free.